EQC India

Équipe Qualité Consultants(EQC India) is engaged in the field of Quality management consultancy for Power, Infrastructure and Manufacturing sectors. The prime areas of expertise are:


EQC’s areas of Operation of are:

    1. Supplier assessment, audits and development

    2. Review and approval of Quality Plans and Field Quality Plans

    3. Implementation of Inspection management System

    4. Resolving of product non-conformities

    5. Establishing systems and procedures at project sites

    6. Quality management system implementation

    7. Setting up of companywide Quality Organisation

    8. Training and development of in house quality team

    9. Codes and standards including EN/ISO and Chinese codes.

    10. Technical support for NDT, Painting, Dynamic balancing and materials.

    11. Welding Technology and welding qualification services


In short, the entire QA/QC activities of a Project Organisation can be outsourced to us.